Teva Field Agents


The Teva Field Program is made up of charismatic individuals who epitomize the modern outdoor consumer and bring the brand to consumers at the retail level. Our team drives sales and brand sentiment through a combination of visual merchandising, staff education, relationship building and event activations.


Check back soon!

At this time there are no open positions in the Teva Field Agents program.

Keep checking back and we'll post here when a position becomes available!


Train with the Pros

Learn side-by-side with the best in the biz – participate in a paid training at Deckers HQ in Santa Barbara, California.


Always be in the know

Part of your role on the Teva Field Agent Team will mean being up to speed on the latest and greatest from Teva and the outdoor industry. We'll provide you with regular trainings and updates to be sure you're always in the loop.


Access to the latest + greatest gear

We'll hook you up – we want you to have all the tools you'll need to live and breathe the brand - including discounted product. We'll get you the gear, you'll just need to rock it. 


Flexible Work Environment

You build and control your schedule – we provide flexible hours and locations for you to do the best work possible.


Get Out There

We're talking way out there – Teva Agents have the opportunity to travel their region and the country making an impact on a national scale.

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