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Hollister Brand Agents

Hollister is fueling the passions and pursuits of Gen Z through a new-age field marketing program that will empower students as on-the-ground brand champions, all while supporting their personal creative, career and life ambitions. The Hollister Brand Agent Program exists to fuel life's everyday moments and support teens in pursuing their passions.  


Hollister Brand Agents are high school students who are well-connected within their high school community and beyond. You are the one creating culture and truly driving influence within your respective networks. You’re a self-starter who thrives off ownership and autonomy - and knows how to make things happen.

Hollister Brand Agents activate at the intersection of passion and play: integrating the brand into the everyday moments of their peers’ lives, all while partnering with Hollister to take the next step toward realizing their own life ambitions.


While every day will look different as a Hollister Brand Agent, here’s what you can expect to be entrusted with:

  • Build Advocacy. Organically integrate Hollister in your lifestyle, inspiring your peers to do the same.
  • Activate the Brand. Create IRL experiences, both big and small, that infuse the brand in daily happenings.
  • Expand Your Network. Identify and activate influential teens at your school and beyond to collaborate.
  • Tell Your Story. Create content across your social platforms that tells the brand story through your lens, as well as show how your passion comes to life within your community.
  • Report Learnings. Submit regular reports to capture learnings and recap your activations + opportunities.
  • Advise Hollister. Share your ideas and opinions with the brand to guide future business decisions.
  • Collaborate with a Collective. Exchange best-practices and big ideas with your teammates nationally.


  • Market Expertise. Well connected on and off campus. Insight into where teens are playing, working, etc.
  • Connectivity to Youth Culture. An understanding of what’s current, relevant and important to teens.
  • A Personal Pursuit. A passion, a path you’re pursuing or a pipe dream worth building within the world of music, fashion, gaming or sport.
  • Thought Leadership. A voice of authority in your respective area of passion.
  • Social Savvy. A solid grasp on how to leverage digital platforms to expand your influence.
  • Sense of Optimism. A glass-is-half-full kind of attitude; ability to see the best in all situations.
  • Ownership & Discipline. The motivation and hustle to work independently and drive real results.
  • Passion for People. A genuine interest and natural ability to connect with a wide range of people.
  • Inherently Inclusive. An appreciation for different backgrounds and beliefs


  • Age Requirement. Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Weekly Commitment. Able to commit up to 10 hours a week with flexible schedule (evenings, weekends).
  • Length of Program. Obligation of (1) academic year.
  • Virtual Training. All Brand Agents will be invited to participate in paid, virtual training.


  • Hourly compensation, at a competitive rate above minimum wage.
  • Ongoing mentorship and coaching from experienced leaders.
  • Hands-on experience that will guide you long after your time in the role.
  • The latest Hollister fashions to keep your wardrobe current.


Archrival believes in the transformative power of putting the right people, in the right place, at the right moment. The people behind brands are what truly make them human, and thus creating an authentic connection between company and consumer. This is Human-Powered Marketing.
Archrival powers Field + Influence movements for the best companies in the world. Hollister Co. is a client of Archrival, in this position you will be an Archrival Agents employee while representing Hollister Co. 
Archrival stands to positively affect the diversity, equity and inclusion of youth culture creativity. We are committed to fostering a place a belonging for underrepresented and marginalized communities. We are intentional of creating equal employment opportunities to all applicants and teammates in regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, physical and mental disability, marital status, parental status, veteran status, or any other basis protected by law. 


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This question is completely optional, it’s our mission to ensure candidates are treated equitably. The information that you share about yourself helps improve our organization and has absolutely no impact on your job application.

This question is completely optional, it’s our mission to ensure candidates are treated equitably. The information that you share about yourself helps improve our organization and has absolutely no impact on your job application.

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